A 333 mile romp through North Georgia

Today, the BMW Motorcycle Owners of Georgia went on our “Steve’s Ramblin’ Rookie Ride”.  Steve couldn’t have picked a better day if he tried!  This is the ride that Donna and I went on a dry run a few weeks ago with Steve and his wife, Pam.  Steve wanted to make sure he had the GPS route right and wanted me to go along since I was going to be the “tailgunner” for the group.

We met a new member of the group early in the morning so she could ride up to the meeting location at Rider’s Hill in Dahlonega with us.

Ok, so half the group made a wrong turn at the beginning but I got them gathered up and headed in the right direction.  It was a beautiful day to ride across North Georgia and spend it with friends who share a passion for riding motorcycles.  This ride was nearly a full 5 hours of riding and Steve did a good job of planning it.  At the mid-point we stopped for the Sunday brunch at the Brasstown Valley Resort in Young Harris.  After that it was on to places like Hiawassee and Wolf Pen Gap Road and back to Rider’s Hill.

The BMW K1200LT made this trek today with a new front Bridgestone tire and new battery and she was eager to try them out.  Donna and I rode a total of 333 miles today from the time we left home and got back home.

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