A trip on the Blue Ridge Parkway

On June 5 & 6, 2010 we took a weekend trip with some members of Chris’ Blue Knights Chapter to Blue Ridge Parkway.  We headed up to Maggie Valley, NC on the first day and spent the night at the Jonathan Creek Inn, overlooking the creek.  On Sunday we had a hearty breakfast and headed for the Blue Ridge Parkway.  When we left the hotel that morning the temperature was in the mid 70’s and expected to climb into to about 80 for the day.  Once we got onto the Blue Ridge Parkway and climbed above 5,000 feet, we were in the clouds.  That’s right, clouds and not fog (well technically clouds and fog are the same thing) and the temperature dropped a good bit too.  The thermometer on the bike showed a low temperature of 58 and we also had rain.  And that 58 degrees was in June too!  But it was pretty cool up there.

We had never seen a groundhog in the wild and this weekend we actually saw two walking on the side of the road!  On Saturday we saw one trying to cross the road in Georgia and on Sunday we saw one walking along the side of road in North Carolina.

According to the GPS on the motorcycle: 

  • 395.4 miles ridden from our Saturday meeting location
  • 46.8 mph average speed
  • 74.5 mph maximum speed
  • 8 hours, 26 minutes and 34 seconds total time in motion riding
View Blue Ridge Parkway 2010
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