Time for an oil change

The K1200LT oil change interval is every 6,000 miles as opposed to less for most motorcycles.  How can they do this?  Well most motorcycle clutches are bathed in oil and are known as a “wet clutch”.  This usually also means you have to use a motorcycle specific oil to allow friction for the clutch.  Motorcycles will also often share their motor oil and transmission oil.  Sharing oil that way and using it for the clutch puts more stress on the oil, hence more frequent changes.  Well on this particular BMW a “dry clutch” (like in a car) is used.  This means the motor oil is not used to lubricate or cool the clutch and means the K1200LT can use regular motor oil like a car does.  The K1200LT also does not share its transmission oil and motor oil also reducing the stresses on the motor oil.  Therefore the oil change interval is longer.  The transmission uses a heavier weight oil and the change interval is twice that of the motor oil.  I’ve also now found that the K1200LT will also use the same Bosch oil filter that our PT Cruiser does!  Again, a way to save a little change.

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4 thoughts on “Time for an oil change

  1. ahmed

    i live in kuwait and ihavek1200lt i want to ask
    about The transmission in how many km i have to change it
    i hope you can help me and thank you


    • Ahmed,
      If you are referring to changing the oil in the transmission, that would be avery 19,200 KM or every 12,000 miles. A practice I use is doing it every other motor oil change.
      Good luck & ride safe!


  2. ahmed

    many than for you and sorry for late there is no alert note me in the email


  3. Just glad I was able to answer and help another motorcyclist.


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