The First Weekend of Fall

Today was the official first Saturday of Fall.  The weather was forecast to be in upper 80’s and a cold front with rain was to move in during the late afternoon and overnight.  We decided to go for a ride.

Technology is great but doesn’t always work.  I used MapSource to create a route and then uploaded to the GPS on the BMW.  We rode on up to Dahlonega, loaded the route and it began taking us on our adventure.  The first turn was just where it was meant to be and the the next few were too.  We got up to Cleveland, Georgia and were headed up Georgia Highway 115 when I realized that I hadn’t put that part in the route.  But now the GPS was telling us to go that way.  It also had us ride 6 miles north of Cleveland and turn around and come back.  Was this a test?  I thought I got us back on the route for a while, but then it took us back to US19.  We gave up and just rode to Rider’s Hill in Dahlonega and took a break on the rocking chairs with a cold drink.

There was a silver lining though!  On the way back home when we were coming into Dawsonville, we stopped at Georgia Highway 9 and Highway 136.  Donna asked if 136 would take us home too.  I told her that it would, but we’d be a little longer and go through Jasper going that way.   So we took the longer way home.  As usual, Highway 136 across the mountain was great.  The temperature even dropped pretty quickly on us, going from 84 down to 76.  We noticed a bit of read and yellow beginning to show in the trees too.  There were also a good amount of dry leaves blowing across the road too.  It looks like we may have an early leaf change this year.

It’s just proof that even a bad day of riding can be fun!

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