Finally! Not just a day to ride, but a beautiful day to ride.

We’ve been having a “real” winter down here in the south this winter.  In just one snow storm we had 2o times more than our annual snow according to one of the TV stations.

Toady was forecast to be clear and 60 degrees.  We decided we were going to ride.  The night before, a friend of ours called and said she was riding and wanted to know if we were too.  We hatched a plan to meet at the Dawsonville Pool Room in Dawsonville, Georgia for lunch.  Donna and I headed up I-575 to GA HWY 20 and headed in the direction of Cumming, GA.  Before we got to Cumming we made a turn on to GA HWY 369 until we got to GA HWY 9 and then took that right on into Dawsonville.  Sure there are more direct and quicker ways to get there, but it’s not nearly as fun a ride!  It was chilly ride when we left but warmed up quickly.  After lunch we continued up HWY 9 to Dahlonega (the site of this country’s FIRST goldrush).  And just as usual, as soon as we entered in Lumpkin County, the dreaded “tar snakes” began.  After Dahlonega we headed our separate ways, living in two different directions.  But first, we had to remove the liners from our jackets!  Donna and I headed back down HWY 9 down to Dawsonville and then across GA HWY 53 into Jasper on to home.

On the way home the thermometer in the bike was reading 70 degrees!  Sure enough when we got home our outside thermometers were all in agreement.  It was an exceptionally beautiful day to ride, especially for January.  We saw a lot of motorcycles out on the road.  I even got to finally try out the armored & padded riding jeans that Donna gave me for Christmas.

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