A Cloudy Day Romp Around NE Georgia

We got to spend the day riding up to northeast Georgia today.  Yesterday’s sunny skies and temperatures in the mid 70’s were replaced by cloudy skies and temperatures in the mid 50’s to low 60’s.  We headed on up to the Batesville General Store near Helen, Georgia to dine on their Batesville Burgers.  They’re always good to put in your stomach.  The K1200LT turned over 56,000 miles on the odometer on the way up there.   From Batesville we headed on over to Dahlonega to stop in on some friends who just opened a coffee and yogurt shop.  After that he headed for home.  We had about a 240 mile round trip today too.  Donna says she would’ve never been able to go 240 miles in a day on our Suzuki Boulevard cruiser.  It makes a difference when the bike, no matter who makes it, is designed for comfort and to gobble up miles.  The only downside to the day is the tendency of GPS unit, a BMW NAV I unit (Garmin Street Pilot III) to try and send us down dirt roads when using the “shortest time” option when routing.  I could understand if it were mounted on a GS series bike but an LT is a nearly 850 pound touring motorcycle before you add the two people to it.

Batesville Burger anyone?

Batesville General Store

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2 thoughts on “A Cloudy Day Romp Around NE Georgia

  1. Don

    Sounds like a great day. Too bad the weather wasn’t as nice today for you as it was yesterday. Nancy and I are going to have to try a burger at the Batesville General Store. Give me a shout next time you all are heading up that way. Maybe we’ll join you.


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