Different Bike…Different Ride

A friend of mine was heading to Daytona Beach Bike Week last week when he was hit in parking lot by a hit & run driver in Macon, GA.  He’s banged up and sore, but did fracture his left wrist.   He had necessary repairs done but needed to get his bike to the dealer in order to have the full estimate completed and for the insurance company to check it out.

So today I rode his 2001 Harley Davidson Electra Glide Classic to Earl Small’s Harley Davidson.  The HD is much more nimble at low speed then the BMW LT is.  However, on the interstate the HD felt lighter and not as well planted to the rode as the BMW.  Don’t get me wrong here, both are wonderful touring motorcycles.  It just reminded me that each brand does somethings better than others and vice versa.  There’s always trade-offs.  We did look at and almost bought  HD Electra Glide Ultra Classic before we found our BMW.

By the way, my friend is not a weekend rider and a chrome polisher.  While he does have the required Harley Davidison chrome, he also has over 101,000 miles on the bike and has owned it since it was new.

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