I Hate Those Lumpkin County Tar Snakes

Tar snakes are those squiggly lines of black caulk or goo that you see used to seal cracks on roads.  State roads in Lumpkin County, GA seem to have more caulk than asphalt in places.  When the weather is warm they can actually get a bit slippery.  And to a harder compound touring tire on a motorcycle they can seem even slipperier at times; almost like ice if you’re not careful.

Donna and I went for a ride today to Dahlonega and then took US HWY 129 towards Blairsville.  US 129 was a great ride and is a great road with some really nice sweeping turns.  If you’re not careful, you can get your speed up to much and then find yourself in way over your head.  After passing Vogle State Park we made the turn onto GA HWY 180 or as more commonly known, Wolf Pen Gap Road.  This road has some very sharp and hairpin turns on it.  Now, even riding a full sized luxury touring motorcycle we weren’t exactly going the speed limit.  But so many of the sport bikes passed us in the same lane or in a blind curve at high speed it was amazing.  On a few of the tar snakes I even felt some slipping while leaning and that was not a good feeling.  We made the turn on GA HWY 60 where they’re already gutting the T.W.O. (Two Wheels Only) Resort.  Again while on 60 I felt a slip or two.  We stopped in at Rider’s Hill for ice cream, browse the shop and to sit on the rocking chairs on the porch.  On the way home we had to deal with the tar snakes on GA HWY 9 in Lumpkin County.  It’s funny to see how the surface of the road changes to nice smooth asphalt as you cross into Dawson County!  It was hot but it was a great day of riding.  I used the trip log feature of the GPS and we rode 193 miles today with a total of 4 hours and 41 minutes in the saddle with a total of 4 hours and 25 minutes where the GPS was actually at a speed more than a walk.

The view from the porch at Rider's Hill

The view from the porch at Rider’s Hill

I took the video below last fall during a ride on Wolf Pen Gap Road while riding in the opposite direction but it gives you an idea of the road!

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One thought on “I Hate Those Lumpkin County Tar Snakes

  1. ks

    the tar snakes are left there on puropose because fo the motorcyclists that come here


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