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It was a beautiful day to ride in the north Georgia Mountains today.  Well at least in the early part of the day.  My Blue Knights Chapter had a short meeting at Rider’s Hill in Dahlonega in the morning.  I met 4 other members of the Chapter and we rode up to Dahlonega together.  Although it was forecast to be 90 degrees or better today the temperature was in the mid 60’s when we left, but it was warming.  Because our Chapter President was unable to make it, I ended up presiding over the meeting, being the Vice President.  We had a short meeting and then the fun began.  I had already planned for us to ride from Dahlonega to Blairsville for a BBQ lunch.  My route was take us up Georgia Highway 60 which is a nice twisty road going up, over and through the mountains along the way.  We had a total of 14 motorcycle along with 3 passengers.  Now you may think it’s easy leading a group of motorcycles, but it’s not.  The larger the group, the harder it is.  There are some basic rules such as when you reach a turn you don’t turn until the next motorcycle is behind you and can see where you go.  Because of the inevitable gaps, the rear of the pack usually ends up going at a faster speed to keep up.  A group can only go as fast as its slowest rider.  Shortly after we got started we saw a cadre of Georgia State Troopers!  They had just left a motorcycle specific traffic checkpoint where we were told they were checking for non-DOT rated helmets.  One of our group was riding a custom chopper and was expecting to pull up the rear and even arrive late to the restaurant.  It’s OK, I had planned a pretty simple route.  You know, we must’ve looked like quite a bunch.  I was on a BMW leading a group of Harley Davidsons, metric cruisers (Harley A Likes) and a chopper!  The only thing missing was our resident Ducati motorcycle.  Everything went real good with no problems.  I must’ve done something right because the chopper was pulling into the lot right along with everyone else.  I looked down at my thermometer and it showed it was 79 degrees under the cloudless blue sky.  What a great day to ride with friends!

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