I Just Saved A Ton Of Money On My Motorcycle Insurance!

…or bye bye Gecko.

It’s time to renew the insurance on the motorcycle.  A few weeks ago GEICO sent us the renewal policy in the mail and they wanted $301.00 for a 12 month policy.  Heeding the advice of others I shopped around and did find lower prices.  Now don’t get me wrong, GEICO is a fine company.  A number of years ago while at work I was stopped at a traffic light when a young lady turned the wrong way onto a one way street (the one I was on) and hit my city car causing minor damage.  By the time I got back to the office, GEICO had already left me a voice mail message to call them.  They wanted to know if I was injured and if the city was going to repair the car and bill them or if they needed to take it to get fixed.  I was impressed.

Now onto the motorcycle insurance.  One of the quotes I had gotten was from Foremost Insurance.  The policy I got the quote on was identical to GEICO but was $94.00 instead of $301.00!  Today I decided to see how bad GEICO wanted to keep me as a customer.  Did I really think they could or would match Foremost?  No I didn’t.  But, if they made a decent effort I was ready to consider staying with them.  On the first call after selecting the option for customer service and being told to have my policy number ready I was transferred and got a busy signal.  Figuring it was a fluke I tried again.  And again I was transferred to a busy signal.  Two strikes do not make an out.  On the third try I was on hold for more than 10 minutes before hanging up.  Then I called Foremost.  I was on hold for less than 2 minutes, then transferred to sales and was on hold less than a minute.  They looked up my online quote and finished it up with my license information and motorcycle VIN.  I increased the uninsured motorist coverage and even lowered our deductibles from $500.00 to $250.00.  I did all this for a whopping $104.00 for a 12 month policy!  For that I couldn’t help but say goodbye to the lizard and the cavemen.  In this day and age if I can save $197.00 AND increase coverage and get lower deductibles I’m going to take advantage of it.  Wouldn’t you?

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One thought on “I Just Saved A Ton Of Money On My Motorcycle Insurance!

  1. I agree, you need to take a look every once in a while. My wife (the Insurance Agent) lowered my cost to about $110 for the year for two motorcycles and full coverage. Auto Owners is the company that I am with. I have my autos and home with them which added up to a great discount on the bikes.
    Be Safe,
    Robert Cramer


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