It Was A Twister!

I need to supply a copy of our marriage license for my upcoming retirement.  We can’t find the copies we have here at the house.  So today (after calling) we headed up to Ringgold, Georgia and the Catoosa County Courthouse on the motorcycle of course, to get another copy.  Just over a month ago Ringgold was hit with a tornado.  I beleive they said it was an F4 and the same one that had hit Tuscaloosa, Alabama earlier the same day.  When it hit Ringgold, it was dark.  As we rode up I-75 we could see damage from the tornados that night in several places.  It was obvious where the storm had knocked over the tractor trailers in the darkness.  Then we got to exit 348 for Georigia Highway 151 the Ringgold exit.  As we pulled up the ramp we were stunned.  There was nothing left of any of the business at the exit, gas stations, hotels, restaurants and convenience stores were all piles of rubble and in various stages of destruction.  Have you ever seen half a McDonald’s?  We were amazed that more people weren’t killed.  There was a Chevrolet dealer that the entire front of the building was plywood with a banner “We’re Open For Business!”  The damage lessened a bit but you could see the path of debris through the trees.  It’s amazing.  Trees uprooted or snapped and the house has some missing shingles.  Talk about luck!  All I can tell you is that images you see on television are nothing until you see the damage first hand.  And this storm was over a month ago!

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