When You Find Good Customer Service…..

When you find good customer service AND good prices it makes you want to do business with a store.  One of those places is She Rides in Alpharetta, Georgia.  She Rides started off selling women’s motorcycle apparell which many stores often forget about.  Well they may carry women’s jackets or pants but they’re all made for women that are about the size of a 12 year old boy or smaller.  She rides has expanded to supplies and men’s apparell and it now actually called She Rides (and he rides too).

We had been shopping for the Scala Rider Teamset Pro Bluetooth intercom system.  We have shopped at She Rides before and checked their website.  They happened to have the best price at $199.99!  There prices are usually pretty much as most of the “on-line” retailers.  I called them and they had 2 of them in stock and offered to hold one for me the next until the next day when I could come by and pick it up.  Now some places have slightly different internet prices than they do in the store.  “No, we can change it to the internet price.” is what I was told.  I figured that way they’d get us in the store to shop around some also.  We did look at some jackets while we were there.  When we got to the store there was the box with my name and the price on it.  They’ve always been helpful people and they’ll order items they don’t have in stock and will ship them to your home or for store pick up.  When  you find good customer service and good prices along with it you really want to patronize them! 

The headsets and mics for the intercom are installed in the helmets and the intercom is charging and we hope to try it out Sunday or Monday.

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