Time For A New Intercom

Well it’s time for a new intercom in the K1200LT.  Over time there’s been a pinched wire or two that’s caused a loose connection or a short.  I have to jiggle my headset plug or position it just right where it connects to the motorcycle to get both speakers to work.  At times I get a “crackling” in my speakers.  I’ve actually tracked down the short for me and positioning the air intake winglets can affect the performance.  I can get a new part but it also means stripping down the front end of the bike to replace.  On the other hand, Donna goes through a lower headset cord a year just from wear and tear at the flex point on the cord where it plugs into the motorcycle.  The cords are only about $23 but you get tired of buying them!

So I’ve been shopping around and yesterday we bought a Cardo Scala Rider TeamSet Pro.  It’s a wireless BlueTooth system between the rider and the passenger.  It’s got the ability to add a cell phone to each headset (not sure if we’ll do that), a BlueTooth enable or wired MP3 player and a BlueTooth enabled GPS for audio directions.  Last night I installed the headsets in the helmets and charged both the units.  Hopefully later today we’ll take them for a test run.  The instructions actually advise against testing them inside in a quiet environment because the system is dependent on ambient noise to operate.  Once we have a decent ride with them I’ll post a review of the system.

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