Well Double Damn!

This morning I had decided to go ahead and take the back wheel off the motorcycle, remove the nail, plug the puncture and see how it went.  I’ve done this before.  The back wheel is pretty easy to remove off the big K-bike, just having to put it on the centerstand, remove the license plate holder and then remove 5 lug bolts.  Yes, lug bolts and not lug nuts.  You know, come to think of it now that BMW has made a K1300 and now makes a K1600 I guess the K1200 would actually be the little K-bike!  Well went I went to remove the nail it seemed to start to disintegrate!  It was then that I found that it wasn’t a nail but last fall’s repair of a nail that was actually leaking.  I even confirmed the location with a photo of the nail right here on this blog!  That’s right, the plug had developed a leak.  I have no desire to repair a repair to a tire so it really does look like my rear tire purchase has been moved to sooner rather than later.

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