Back Tire Finally Ordered!

Ok, so there’s been a lot going on lately and I haven’t gotten around to ordering the back tire.  In a way it’s because it also needed to be replaced before it was planned and the life of the tire had run out.

I had decided to go back to the Metzeler 880 Marathon for it’s higher mileage over the Bridgestone Battleax.  The Bridgestone is a fine tire, offering a better stick to the road and more sportiness over the longer wearing Metzeler.  The Metzeler is also a bit more expensive.  But we’ve gotten over 13,000 miles on this Bridgstone tire and there’s still a good bit of tread left.  So I started shopping tire prices and here’s what I came up with:

  • Motorcycle Superstore (internet): $193.99 (free shipping)
  • Tires Unlimited (internet & used them before): $202.88 + shipping
  • Ken’s Motorcycle Tires in Woodstock (put on tires purchased from TU): $205.00 (no shipping)

If I had brought the tire into Ken’s that was bought somewhere else, they charge at least $50.00 to remove and install it.  Buy it from them and it’s $40.00 flat!  But since I can bring them just wheel as it’s easy to remove it’s only going to cost $10.00 to install!  The last time I had brought them the wheel and tire bought from the internet it was a $30.00 installation.  Now Ken’s still has to order the tire which is no big deal.  Then they call me to set an appointment to have it installed once it arrives.  Hopefully we’ll be riding again by next weekend.

So sometimes it pays to shop around locally!

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