The New Tire Is On

This morning I dropped the wheel off at Ken’s Motorcycle Tires in Woodstock, GA to have the new Metzeler ME880 Marathon tire put on the back of the bike.  Now just put it on and maybe put a few miles on it tomorrow.  It’s good to have that tire on!

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2 thoughts on “The New Tire Is On

  1. You could have come and had lunch with me while you waited on that tire. That’s what Bob Cramer did a few weeks ago. I live just a “stone’s throw” from Ken’s shop. I used those ME880s on my old Roadster a couple of times. LOTS of mileage out of those, but they had a tendency to whine in the corners once they were worn off a little. Let me know if that happens to you.


  2. Phil,
    She had Metzelers on when I bought her but they’ve been replaced with Bridgestone Battleax tires as needed. I’ve notice the “Metzeler Roar” in the past that you mentioned. My front Bridgestone is now doing the the “Bridgestone Whine”.


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