A Day With The Scala Rider And A Review

In June we bought a Scala Rider Teamset Pro Bluetooth intercom and only had the opportunity to use it once before the bike was down with the need to replace the rear tire.

We purchased the Scala Rider Teamset Pro which is a wireless bluetooth rider to passenger intercom set.  This unit is for communication between the rider and passenger only and will not communicate with other motorcycles.  It will pair with itself along with a separate cell phone for rider and passenger.  You can conference the rider or passenger into your conversation using the intercom but I would hope that most of us don’t talk on the phone and ride.  You can also pair a bluetooth GPS unit, and MP3 player.  There are also wired connections for Mp3 players.  I was told a warning about the wireless MP3 that is in your phone in that the intercom will see it as an incoming call and override any intercom conversation.  I haven’t had the opportunity to use a GPS unit with it yet but hope to soon.  My cellphone paired with it with no problem and while in the house and yard I was able to make and receive phone calls but riding around I couldn’t get it to make a call for some reason.  I’m not concerned enough to find out why I can’t make phone calls as it’s not that important to me.  UPDATE: I figured out that I was pushing the wrong button on the headset!

This unit is voice activated as most intercoms are but it is also dependent on ambient noise to operate.  If you try it out in a quiet room it won’t work.  Ride the bike or go outside where there’s traffic and it will work.  The intercom also changes volume based upon noise.  In other words, the faster you go the louder your intercom will be and then readjust as you slow down.  There are also volume buttons to fine tune it to your liking.  The intercom mounts attach to each helmet and the intercom is removable from the mount.  The speakers mount in your helmet with provided velcro or in your helmet’s speaker pockets if it has them.

Scala Rider Teamset Pro

We rode for about 4 hours today and intentionally left the units on while we stopped for lunch and had no problem with power and the units are rated for twice that long anyway.  All in all I was very satisfied with them.  Conversation between Donna and I was clear and understandable.  Mic placement however was more critical with the Scala Rider than it was with the wired headsets used with the BMW intercom.  When the unit doesn’t detect speaking for about a minute it automatically goes back into standby mode.  When the driver initiates a conversation, you know the VOX is activated by a tone in the speakers, but the passenger does not hear the tone.  When the VOX goes into standby the driver will get a higher pitched series of beeps to let you know of standby mode and again the passenger does not hear it.  If the passenger initiates the conversation the passenger and not the driver hears the beeps and tones.  You can manually put initiate VOX or go to standby by pressing a button on the unit mounted on each helmet.  It was nice not having connected from you to the motorcycle.  We also liked the feature that at a gas stop Donna could walk around and we could converse while still wearing helmets as long as she stayed with bluetooth range.  With the Scala Rider Teamset Pro you don’t hear your own voice in the helmet speakers like we did with the BMW intercom.  Because of that, you may tend to speak a bit louder than needed.  Donna kept telling me to just speak in a normal voice and it sounded much better.  We use the unit on 3/4 helmets with flip up face shields.

No cords
Good, clear communications
Self adjusting volume
Easy setup and installation
Clear communication at speed

Mic placement is critical
Wind noise can activate intercom (this can be troublesome on a loud motorcycle or one without a windshield or fairing)
You must bring your charger with you when you travel

I would definitely recommend this product to a friend looking for an intercom.

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