Let’s Ride…..And Be A Little Like MacGyver Too!

We had a friend call Donna last night and she wanted to know if we wanted to ride today.  Well it was supposed to rain so we decided to wait for the forecast in the morning to decide.  It turns out the rain chances had lessened and were holding off until later in the day.  So we rode!

We met her at a gas station at Georgia Highway 53 and Georgia Highway 400 where the plan was to gas up and go.  Well whenever she turned her handlebars to the left her engine revved high.  We looked and found a loose cable at the throttle housing.  We took it apart, removed her throttle locking style cruise control and fiddled around and all seemed well but she decided to not put the cruise control on.  So it was off to Dahlonega for lunch.  I noticed she was hanging back a bit.  Maybe she was unsure of our repair.  While eating lunch she told us the engine was still revving when turning the bars left and after lunch she was going to head for home.  Well out in the parking lot she said that she had zip tied a bunch of wires and cables after putting some wire wrap on.  “I zip tied them really tight too!”  I guess girls do that, they want everything neat and organized.  So I start looking around and the throttle cable was also zip tied up tight too.  I could move the wires and cable and control the throttle while doing so.  “HMMMM I think we found the problem.”, MacGyver said.  So we start cutting zip ties, freeing the throttle cable and everything now works like it is supposed to!  She had an idea for a ride so off we went.

She led us up past Rider’s Hill and up US19 to US129.  We dodged a few nice cooling thunderstorms along the way.  We shot on over to the Richard B. Russell Parkway.  We stopped at a scenic overlook and watched thunderstorms between the mountains and a few flashes of lightning off in the distance.  It was now my turn to lead as once we got down the US19&129 we thought we were going to head our separate ways on to home.  Well Donna and I were headed back towards Dahlonega which is the quickest way home for us and our friend was behind us.  We stopped in at Rider’s Hill for a cold drink and some rocking chair time before heading home for real.

We spent a good day riding with a good friend on some good, twisty roads!

Oh and is it wrong to go down the road playing the The Doors and ZZ Top loud while riding a German luxury touring motorcycle?

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