You Can’t Teach An Old GPS New Tricks

The GPS in the motorcycle is a “BMW Motorcycles Navigator”  also know as the NAV I.  Underneath the BMW markings it’s a Garmin Street Pilot III.  It was on the motorcycle when it was new in 2002.  The maps have been updated but Garmin no longer supports the unit and no longer provides updated maps for it.

While making route on MapQuest I saw the option to send the route to a GPS.  I clicked on it and it said it was for Garmin units, needed to install software called Garmin Connect and to attach the GPS to the computer to do continue.  I attached the GPS, installed the software and it found a Garmin Street Pilot III successfully.  Then I sent two routes to the GPS and got the “file successfully transferred” message.  This morning I loaded one of the routes which was a place I already knew how to get to.  The problem was that while MapQuest took me on the route I wanted, the route on the GPS was a straight line from Point A to Point B.  So it’s back to creating routes on Garmin’s MapSource software.

The moral of the story is that you can’t teach an old GPS new tricks!

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