Baby’s Now Got Two New Shoes

Just over a month ago I replaced the rear tire on the K1200LT.  Not so much because it was worn out, but a repair plug from a nail had begun to leak and I thought it wise to not do a second repair in the same spot.  Well today it was the front tire’s turn.  We’ll be going on trip along the length of the Blue Ridge Parkway next month and I knew the front tire didn’t have the life left to complete the trip safely.  So now the Magic Carpet has Metzeler Marathons on the front and the rear.  The good German ones and not the Brazilian ones.  I like the rear Bridgestone Battleax, having put a lot of miles on it.  But the front one didn’t last as long as I had hoped.  But then again, softer tires means fewer miles.

The bike went back to Ken’s Motorcycle Tires in Woodstock for this one too.  I really have to give Ken’s credit.  I ordered the tire on Tuesday because they didn’t have one in stock.  On Wednesday they called and said it was in and we set an appointment for Thursday afternoon to have it installed.  You see, Ken’s works on an appointment basis.  In only 20 minutes after getting there I had paid and was getting ready to leave with the new tire on the motorcycle!  Oh, did I mention that he also inspects the brakes and anything else around the tire he’s working on?

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