Time For A New GPS

Our motorcycle originally came with a GPS unit when it was bought new by the previous owner in 2002.  I’d hate to see what they charged for a Garmin motorcycle GPS back then!  The unit is a labeled as being a “BMW Motorcycle Navigator” but in reality is a Garmin Street Pilot III.  Does it still get us from point A to point B?  It sure does.  It takes a while to acquire the satellites, takes quite a while to calculate a route you give it and takes even longer to recalculate if you head off in a different direction.

Our requirements were pretty simple:

  • Be within a budget we set for the unit
  • Be made for motorcycle use (not be a car unit that you get parts to make it motorcycle friendly and put a plastic bag on it when it rains)

After searching around we decided on a Garmin Zumo 220.  It came with everything we wanted and more.  It’s a Garmin motorcycle unit, is waterproof, comes with a motorcycle mounting system, motorcycle wiring, car mount for use in a car, Mapsource software to transfer computer created routes and even has Bluetooth to send directions to the Scala headset.  Checking with Garmin and various online retailers all prices were literally within pennies of each other but the shipping amounts varied.  So went to Garmin to order.  Since you can easily look this up I’m not telling secrets, the GPS retails for $399.99.  Garmin had a very reasonable shipping rate too.  I looked for a local retailer that sold this unit on the Garmin website and found none.  The 2 official online retailers they had for the area were Best Buy and Target.  Best Buy was the same price as Garmin.   But Target was selling the unit for…..get this…..$499.99!  But Target was gracious enough to give you free shipping.  With the free shipping it was still $90.00 more than directly from Garmin with the shipping.  Not only that, at both Best Buy and Target I would’ve had to pay sales tax because they have stores here.

I’ll let you know how the installation goes and how the new toy works when it gets here.

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