Three Oil Changes Done

The motorcycle would’ve come up due for its next oil change during our first day on the road for our Blue Ridge Parkway trip.  I figured I’d change the oil before the trip just to be safe.  After all, this is more than a 1,000 trip and not some local poker run!  This was also the oil change where not only the motor oil gets changed, but so does the final drive and the transmission.  The motor oil and the final drive are a snap.  The transmission on the other hand requires the removal of some body parts.  Some engineer also decided to put an exhaust system brace in a spot that covers the drain plug for the transmission!  So you have to remove the exhaust brace to get to the transmission drain.  I can see why a dealer charges so much to do these services.  But then again I’d bet the service technician is not laying on the garage floor to do it.  Oh and about that exhaust brace?  You see, this is a German motorcycle so it makes sense that everything is metric.   Oh by the way the Germans love to use torx screws too.  Well I forgot about this but the bolt for the exhaust brace is NOT metric.  That’s right.  A 17mm socket was too large.  A 15mm socket was too small.  But a 5/8″ socket fit perfectly.  What’s up with that?  One lone SAE bolt.  I wonder if it has something to do with the treaty that was signed ending WWII?

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