On The Road In Virginia

We got started on our Blue Ridge Parkway trip this morning in the rain. It rained on us all the way up to Jasper and then on an off all the way until nearly Asheville, NC.  Luckily it was a light rain and not thunderstorms. Riding in the rain isn’t bad if you dress for it.

On U.S. Highway 64 (Smokey Mountain Expressway) we hit a crow! It was dining on something in the road and as we approached it took off and flew right in front of us. We hit it while going about 60. No damage, just some “stuff” on the front of the fairing where it hit. The crow flew off to the side of the road.

The new luggage made to fit inside the cases let us pack a lot of stuff. You fill the bag full and it fits right in. With the bags we had used it was enough for a long weekend. We packed everything we needed for a week and still didn’t fill the top case bag and use the luggage rack bag for jacket liners and light stuff.

We’re spending the night in Christiansburg, VA and will get to the beginning of the Blue Ridge Parkway late tomorrow morning. Tomorrow night we’ll be at the Peaks Of Otter lodge right on the parkway. It’s one of only three National Park Service lodges right on the parkway. The lodge has no televisions or phones in the rooms. The web site even says there is no cell phone service in the area. I guess we’ll see if Verizon Wireless has encroached on that serenity.

The journey continues………

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3 thoughts on “On The Road In Virginia

  1. Robert Cramer

    Safe motoring through Virginia. When I lived in Roanoke, we would go to the Peeks Of Otter for a great Sunday brunch. Great fun that “Blue Ridge Parkway” thing.


  2. You’re on quite an adventure! The BRP is beautiful, but beware it can get boring after a while. Keep us posted. We’re riding with you in spirit. Do you remember going by “Meadows of Dan”? To the west from that exit is where Willville is located. A great motorcycle only campground.


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