The Peaks Of Otter And More

Days one and two on the Blue Ridge Parkway have been done. We got up to mile marker zero and were greeted by heavy fog. It was fog so thick that so you couldn’t see from one end of the scenic overlook to the other! So it was slow going for a while. This fog was so thick it coated everything with a layer of water. Good quality riding gear that is also waterproof has really paid off this trip. We were headed for the Peaks Of Otter Lodge at mile marker 86 where we had reservations for the night.

The Peaks Of Otter Lodge was fantastic. Every room overlooks the lake and has balcony or patio. We were on the second floor and had great view from the balcony. The fog was still heavy in the area but did make for some nice scenery. And yes, there really are otters in the lake. The rooms even have screen doors on them. If we ever do this trip again we’ll plan more than one night here because it’s so nice and quiet. The rooms have no televisions or phones and cell phone coverage was VERY spotty at best. The only road is the Blue Ridge Parkway so it’s very quiet. Along the way to the lodge, Donna saw a coyote standing on the side of the road just watching traffic go by. After a night’s rest it was time for a hearty breakfast at the lodge and hit the parkway again.

Day two was cloudy and the gog rolled back in. But today the fog wasn’t as heavy or wet. In fact we got away with wearing armored riding jeans instead of the Tourmaster pants. We stopped at quite a few scenic overlooks today because the weather was better. We headed on down the parkway and had lunch at the Mabry Mill Restaurant which is one of the few restaurants that is actually on the Blue Ridge Parkway. We chatted with som Harley riders before eating and then looked at the still working mill before heading on.

The new GPS really worked out well today too. As we wer coming up on a mile marker where we could get off the parkway for gas I simply punched in for it to find the nearest gas. About 8 miles later we had a full tank of gas. When we were getting back on the parkway Donna said it looked like there was a new Marathon station! Hey, but it’s about riding.

When we were in the Roanoke area we noticed how close civilization was to the parkway. There were even subdivisions with backyards that backed up to the Blue Ridge Parkway.

We got off the parkway to spend the night here in Hillsville, VA and in the morning will be getting back on the Blue Ridge Parkway and heading for Little Switzerland, NC where we’ll spend two days.

I’ve put a foggy picture with this post.

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