As Promised….

Well as I had promised you can now see pictures from our Blue Ridge Parkway trip.  Most of them are scenic shots so you won’t have to look at me too much!  I’ve uploaded all the pictures to SkyDrive.  This will allow you to see the entire series of photographs in thumbnail or scroll through them.  I haven’t added captions yet.  Donna took a lot of these pictures from the back of the motorcycle while going down the road.

I also played around with Windows Live Movie Maker and made a DVD slide show of some of the pictures (not all) set to music.  I also uploaded the video to You Tube in case anyone is interested in looked at the serenity of the slide show.  You can click on the “You Tube” icon near the lower right of the view screen if you want to view it in a slightly larger format.  I would not switch to “full screen” as the images get jagged edges and lose some of their clarity.  This was my first time using Movie Maker to make a DVD.


Thanks for viewing and we hope you enjoy watching as we like sharing this experience.

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2 thoughts on “As Promised….

  1. I just enjoyed your clip “Chris and Donna’s Blue Ridge Parkway Trip”. Truly magnificent stuff. my hat is off to ya.

    You sure have some great scenery there in the US.

    I have never put anything on youtube but I think you may have inspired me into having a go sometime.



    • It’s really not that hard to do either. I just drug and dropped the pictures into Window Movie Maker and added a soundtrack.


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