A Benefit Of Retirement

Retirement does have its benefits!

Last night a friend, who is also retired, called and said that they were thinking of going riding today and invited us along.  Well, we had plans to work in the yard on something so I did the correct husbandly thing and said we were already going to be busy.

With all the rain that we got, it was too wet to work on what we wanted in the yard when we got up so Donna said “Call Frank and find out what time he’s riding.  After this week at work, I need a ride!”  So we met Frank and Jeff later in the morning and went for a nice ride on a beautiful day with a blue, cloudless sky.  Temperatures started in the mid 60’s and quickly climbed up into the low 70’s.  The three drivers were all retired law enforcement officers; one federal, one county and one municipal (me).  Today, I was the only one with a passenger.  We rode on up to Dahlonega and visited yet another retired law enforcement officer who now owns a yogurt shop there.  A stroll down the street took us to a Mexican restaurant for lunch.  After lunch Jeff had to leave to head on home while Frank, Donna & I took a more scenic and leisurely route headed to Dawsonville where we waved goodbye to Frank as he headed down Hwy 9  and we took Hwy 53 towards home and some nice twisty roads.  It was really good day to ride and take advantage of a benefit of retirement.  The only bad part was one of the Harleys that was with us had loud pipes and kept activating our intercom so we also heard his pipes in our helmet!

Oh and a note for any of the area riders, the “tar snakes” on Hwy 9 in  Lumpkin County are now gone!  They’ve paved the road in Lumpkin County and it’s all nice smooth, fresh blacktop!

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One thought on “A Benefit Of Retirement

  1. Yes, those kinds of days are the best. Once in a blue moon, I’ll get “sick” and take off north on a weekday for some therapy. I can’t wait for retirement!

    And that is indeed good news about the Lumpkin Co. tar snakes!


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