By Accident Or By Design?

Certain car and motorcycle manufactures have a “signature” look to them.  For example the Jaguar headlights or the Harley Davidson V-twin engine.  There are a few manufacturers that make both cars and motorcycles.  BMW, Honda and Suzuki come to mind right away as making both cars and motorcycles.  Since buying a BMW motorcycle I’ve noticed something similar in design in both cars and motorcycles.  Let’s see if you notice too and if you wonder if it’s by accident or design.

HINT: On the cars it’s between the headlights and on the motorcycles it’s below the headlight(s).

Here they are and here’s what they are:

BMW 3 Series        BMW 5 Series
BMW 6 Series        BMW 7 Series
BMW K1200GT    BMW K1200LT
BMW K1300GT    BMW R1200RT

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