Garmin Zumo 220 GPS Review: Chapter 2

Well it’s been 2 months since I installed the new GPS, a Garmin Zumo 220 on the motorcycle.  I had promised a second review after using it for a while.  The bottom line is: I LIKE IT!  It’s a vast improvement over the old GPS that had originally come with the motorcycle.

The Zumo has now been used on one week-long vacation on our Blue Ridge Parkway trip where we rode everyday in all kinds of weather and one weekend trip to the Iron Horse Motorcycle Lodge in North Carolina.  It’s also been used on a number of shorter rides.  When in motorcycle mode the unit is easy to use and understand.  I have it set up to use Bluetooth to send audible directions directly into my helmet using our intercom.  The only drawback I’ve found is that under certain daytime lighting conditions, the screen can be difficult to see.  This however is just the Achilles heel of LCD displays and not the fault of the unit.  I found the fuel gauge pretty useless though, warning me way too soon.  It could be that the motorcycle has its own fuel gauge, a trip computer that will display “Miles To Empty” and a trip odometer (the original motorcycle fuel gauge).  The inclusion of MapSource on DVD really expands this unit.  I’ve already taken advantage of the one free update and have updated the software and the GPS map to MapSource 2012.  The unit has been cold, hot and wet and has worked great.  The included motorcycle mount is robust and only has an occassional vibration to it.  It does have a larger and easier to read screen than our BMW Navigator I (Garmin Street Pilot III) did.  The lane assist feature is really nice too.

We’ve used it in the car also after changing the mode to “car”.  The onscreen buttons are smaller in-car mode since the GPS is not expecting you to be wearing gloves while driving.  The one thing I found that it does lack is speed controlled volume where the audible prompts will be louder at higher speeds.  This is a feature that even our budget Tom Tom that’s a few years old has.  I do like the included car mount better than the one for our old Tom Tom in the car though.

All in all I think it was a great investment and upgrade to the motorcycle.

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One thought on “Garmin Zumo 220 GPS Review: Chapter 2

  1. I should add that the speed controlled volume is only an issue in the car. When on the motorcycle the Scala Rider TeamSet Pro we use takes care of the speed controlled volume for me.


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