Low Country Boil

Today was the election meeting for the BMW Motorcycle Owners of Georgia and the club’s annual low country boil.  What a novel way to get members to show up to elect club officers; a free low country boil!  Donna and I got on the bike and rode the hour and half or so to Hard Labor Creek State Park in Rutledge, GA.  This ride was to be nearly all interstate mainly so that we could sleep in for a while on a Sunday.  Sure it’s quicker but it’s not as fun of a ride.  We had a pretty good turn out too.  I guess it was the free food.

For some reason his female passenger's butt got sore after about 80 miles.

One of the really neat things about a BMW Club is all the different styles of motorcycles that show up.  Not every BMW motorcycle is a boxer engine powered motorcycle.  There are also single cylinders, twin cylinders and four cylinders motorcycles of various configurations.  There are sport touring bikes, roadsters, touring bikes, sport bikes, standards and dual sports.  There’s also bikes still on the road that were made in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.  And believe it or not even some bikes that are not a BMW!
It was also a good day to ride and travel on some two lane roads we’d never been on before.  The big plus was spending some time with friends of a common interest.
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2 thoughts on “Low Country Boil

  1. So who is going to be the next President? 🙂 I should have attended, I know. I looked at my boots and they said, “No.” I looked at my gloves and they said, “No”. I looked at my jacket and it said, “No”. I couldn’t figure out why they were all opposed to it. Then I looked down and I didn’t have my pants on. Can’t ride without pants.


    • Jonathan Sharpe will be President and Bill Gould will be Vice President. Ian is the elected Director. The rest were all uncontested. All of the by law changes passed.

      I’d draw the line at riding without pants too. Jan had just posted a video link on the forum about just that!


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