Uh Oh I Hope This Isn’t Bad

I rode the bike to a county zoning variance hearing last night.  A new neighbor wanted a variance to keep 9 goats in her backyard in a residential subdivision.  But that’s not the reason for the post.

We went out to run errands today.  When we got back I saw a drop of oil on the floor under the motorcycle.  It definitely had the viscosity of motor oil and not transmission oil.  On closer inspection I found oil on the cooling fins of the oil pan and on the rear of the oil pan.  I wiped it down and let it sit to see if I could find where the oil was leaking from.  I cleaned the floor too to check for another drip.  I’m hoping it isn’t anything serious.  If it’s the oil pan leaking that’s just some intimate time with the motorcycle and is something I can do.  If it’s higher up it could be a whole other issue.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

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2 thoughts on “Uh Oh I Hope This Isn’t Bad

  1. 2 days and no additional oil drops on the floor. The oil pan area doesn’t appear to have anymore oil on it. I guess I should really warm it up and see if it repeats though.


    • One week and three drops of oil. Although the 2nd was smaller than the first and the 3rd smaller than the 2nd. I may have to remove the “tupperware” and give her a good look.


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