The Only Thing Missing Was Snow

Earlier in the week my Blue Knights Chapter had put together a weekday motorcycle ride that was scheduled for today.  Of course when it was planned the weather forecast was for temperatures in the upper 50’s and clear skies.  Weather of course can change and it did.  Yesterday the forecast changed to overcast skies with a hight temperature in the upper 40’s and a chance of drizzle late in the afternoon.  It was a good thing this ride was planned so that everyone would be home by mid afternoon.

So I got up this morning and headed over to the meeting spot in Cumming, Georgia.  I noticed that my thermometer was reading 37 degrees.  But hey, it was early and would warm up.  Wouldn’t it?  There was a total of 7 motorcycles that showed up to make the ride.  The plan was to leave Cumming and head up to Blairsville, Georgia to have lunch and then head home.  We headed up towards Dahlonega to take U.S. Highway 129 across Blood Mountain and then to Blairsville.  The sky stayed overcast and I never saw the temperature get above the mid 40’s.  Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not bad riding in that weather when you’re dressed for it and it appeared everyone was.  The only thing that was missing was snow flurries to complete the winter feel.  We headed on into Blairsville for a BBQ lunch before heading home.  As we headed south on Georgia Highway 515 members peeled off for home.  It really was a good ride with friends.  We didn’t see a single motorcycle all day until we were in Jasper on the way home.

Oh I have to admit that I did have the heated seat and handgrips turned on most of day to keep my bottom and my hands warm.  Hey it is a “luxury touring” motorcycle after all!

Blue Knights motorcycles at Rib Country in Blairsville, GA.

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