February Thaw

Today was forecast to be sunny and 60 degrees in parts of North Georgia.  Donna and I wanted to ride to blow some cobwebs out in the sunshine.  We decided to call some friends who recently moved to the area to see if they wanted to join us.  Sean & Christine met us in Canton, where admittedly it was in mid 40’s late in the morning, and we headed up through Dawsonville and Dahlonega before heading on to lunch at Turners Corner Cafe on the corner US Highway 19 & US Highway 129.  It was a great day to ride.  Along the way we made a stop at Rider’s Hill to look around.  It may have been cool but we had cloudless blue skies while we enjoyed the curves along the way and after lunch it had actually warmed up to near 60 degrees for the ride back home.  Sean had the best quote of the day, “You know, we don’t have roads like these on Long Island!”  It wasn’t meant to be a long ride by any means as we rode just over 150 miles up there and back from our meeting spot.  The sunshine felt good and it was fun to ride with friends.

The Magic Carpet and Sean's Kawasaki Concourse parked at Turners Corner Cafe

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