Balloon On A String Ride (and a milestone too)

Today we went on a ride we nicknamed “Balloon On A String” (take a look at the picture below and you’ll know why it’s called that) and had a little milestone along the way.  While on the way home on the ride today the motorcycle reached 65,000 miles.

We wanted to ride today but the forecast was for thunderstorms along our route.  On Saturday night I checked the weather again and the forecast had gone from a 60% chance of thunderstorms all the way down to a 20% chance.  Let’s ride!  On Sunday morning we got a late start but headed out, making a stop to run an errand along the way.  While stopped at the errand, the sky darkened and there was thunder.  Luckily the storms were headed due south and we were headed north-east where the sky was bright.

We headed up through Dahlonega and made the turn at the rock pile and stayed on US Hwy 19 until we got to Turner’s Corner Cafe for lunch.  After lunch we made the left turn and headed north on US Hwy 129 and went up Blood Mountain and then headed over to the Richard B. Russell Scenic Hwy (GA Hwy 348) until it dead ended at GA Hwy 75-ALT.  From there it was a short jaunt until we turned left (north) onto GA Hwy 17 until we turned left onto GA Hwy 180 again.  We took Hwy 180 back to US 129 and headed back south.  If you look at the picture, you can see that US 129 was the string attached to loop that was the balloon.  US 129 on Blood Mountain and GA 17 have some really great sweeping turns to lean into.  It was good day to spend together and ride.  The Magic Carpet is now resting with 65,018 miles on her odometer.

Balloon On A String ride.

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