Redneck Engineering

The top case (trunk) of the K1200LT has a fold down mirror with a light.  Behind that fold down mirror is also a compartment to keep small items like the owner’s manuals, insurance card, small books or other small things.  For quite some time one of the plastic hinges has been broken on the left side (marked by the arrow in the attached picture).  I’ve tried gluing it several times and it always breaks again.  The glue that lasted the longest was 3M Plastic Automotive Trim Adhesive and it still broke.  Today I decided to try a little bit of “Redneck Engineering” and fixed it with some small piano hinges.  It was simple.  Mark and drill my holes with a Dremel, cut the sharp protruding ends of the screws with a small cutting wheel on the Dremel, file them smooth and cover them.  It really was an easy fix.  The cutting part was cool because it made lots of sparks!  I was thinking about painting the hinges black but Donna said they look fine just the way they are.

Sometimes a little "Redneck Engineering" is all it takes!

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One thought on “Redneck Engineering

  1. Kevin Sugg

    Had the same problem, fixed it the same way. Great minds think alike!


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