The Whistle Stop Cafe Ride

Today I led my Blue Knights Chapter on a 115 mile ride down to the Whistle Stop Cafe in Juliette, Georgia.  The Whistle Stop Cafe was one of the locations where they filmed the movie “Fried Green Tomatoes”.  It was a great ride down through the farmlands of central Georgia.  It was a change of pace from the north Georgia mountains where the Chapter normally rides.  It’s fun leading a ride like this and we had pretty good luck in keeping the group together all the way down there.  Donna and I had pre-rode this route a while back but this was the day we led a group.  While they do get their fair share of motorcyclists there as evidenced by the “Bike Parking Only” signs, it seems our 8 motorcycles were quite the spectacle and drew a lot of people to take a look.  The restaurant was a bit busy so we relaxed outside and browsed the small shops.  When it was time to head home we opted for the interstate as the trip time was much less.  We paid for that decision having gotten caught in heavy stop and go traffic on two different occasions.

The Blue Knights Georgia VI has some photos of the ride that you can see by clicking this text.

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