Tail Of The Dragon Photographers

On our trip earlier this week we had planned to spend Tuesday riding over to Franklin, NC and coming back on Wyah RD.  But morning rain at the Iron Horse that was headed to Franklin altered our plans a bit.  Instead, we decided to do the tourist thing and headed over to Deal’s Gap and rode the Tail Of The Dragon.  We’ve been on this road a number of times.  There are nicer, less crowded roads in the area but it can still be a fun road.  The Deal’s Gap Resort and store had a packed parking lot but there really weren’t all that many motorcycles on the road.

There are now three groups of photographers along the 11 mile stretch of road!  There’s 129 Slayer, US129 Photos and Killboy.  They’re all pretty good, not even moving as you approach, staying still and trying not to be a distraction.  All three offer photos for sale on their websites and I’ll admit that it can be cool to have an action photo of you and your motorcycle.  All three had taken a number of photos of us and we may purchase one, but we have to decide which one.  In the proof images below they even have their website addresses for examples of their work.  I actually think all three are better than the photographers on Blood Mountain in Georgia.  The images, even the proof images seem more in focus and sharper.  And, since these are “proof” images the watermark gives them credit and advertising for their work and these images are here as an example of their work.  On any images ordered (digital or print), the watermarks are removed.

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One thought on “Tail Of The Dragon Photographers

  1. We ordered a large print from killboy, now when I’m sitting in the living room, I can be riding the Dragon!


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