The Greatest Dad Ever!

My Dad in the Marines during the 1950’s.

Happy Father’s Day to my Dad!  And a Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there.  I may be a bit biased but I happen to think I have the greatest Dad ever.  So why not brag about him?

My Dad is not a super hero but he is so much better.  From watching him and listening to him, I learned to be a man, husband and father.  I mean what more could you really ask for?  Ok, he did the same thing for my two brothers which makes him even cooler.  If you’re a reader of this blog you know that I’ll tackle maintenance and repair of the motorcycle on my own.  I’ve done the same with cars and home improvement projects all my life.  Where did I learn to do this?  Well, from my Dad of course!  What he taught me to do (without even knowing it I’d bet) is not so much on how to do a project or repair but even more importantly he taught me to try to do it.  And to this day, I’ll still try and it often works out.  Because of him, I’ve become a decent amateur car mechanic, motorcycle mechanic, home electrician, home plumber, home carpenter, home painter and general all around handyman.  He must’ve done a good job because my daughter even thought I could fix anything!  Thanks Dad!  He and Mom showed us so very much.

I now know that they didn’t have the latest and greatest 1960’s versions of iPad this or “i” that.  But I know why.  We were shown life and family.  We were shown “old” Florida, Gemini & Apollo launches, The Smithsonian, and family trips in the car that were almost always in the southeastern United States with my Dad always driving.  My brothers and I learned so much and I remember so much of it.  We weren’t shipped away for our summers.  We got in the car and went on vacation or places for the day.

Some interesting things about the Greatest Dad Ever:

  • He grew up during the “Great Depression”.
  • He enlisted in The Marines during WWII when he was just 15 years old!
  • He enlisted in The Marines again during WWII after they had found out his age on the first enlistment.
  • He met John Wayne.
  • He met my Mom.
  • He married my Mom.
  • He worked for Time/Life Magazine which brought him and us to Florida frequently in the early 1960’s.
  • He met astronauts.
  • He walked around New York for 2 days with the original “Zapruder Film” in his pocket while working for Time/Life.  If you don’t know what that is, just click the link.
  • He took us to see space launches.
  • We built Pinewood Derby cars together.
  • We watched the Apollo 11 moon landing together.
  • He is my Dad.
  • When I was 40 he snuck us into pit row at the Daytona 200 trials at Bike Week and pointed out Willie G. Davidson to me.  He asked “Do you want to meet him?”  My Dad had never met Willie G. Davidson before.
  • He just continues to show us so much!
  • He along with my Mom raised 3 sons, men, husbands and fathers.
  • He is my hero.
  • This list is just a few things I remember and he’s still working on it too.

Later today we get to get together again, as he and Mom have come up to visit.

My Dad meets John Wayne during the filming of “The Flying Leathernecks”.

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    It’s Father’s Day and time to resurrect a two year old post. My Mom is no longer with us since this post. My Dad is still going long and enjoying life. Happy Father’s Day!


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