There’s 57 In This Country, It Shouldn’t Be A Problem

I went down to the great folk at BMW Motorcycles of Atlanta today to order the parts I need to replace my front brake line.  Yes the front brake line has developed at least one leak and I need to replace it.  But give it a break, it’s been out there on the front end of a motorcycle for 10 years and 66,000 miles.  I’ll have to bleed the line and may as well flush the ABS system too.  And that brake hose isn’t cheap either at $118.00!

The dealer had to order the long brake line as they didn’t have one in stock.  The parts manager looks on the parts fiche online and tells me, “We’re in luck.  There’s 57 in this country so it shouldn’t be a problem.”  It should be here next week.  Because I’ll be replacing that line I’ll have to remove the plastic body panels, known as Tupperware,  to easily reach the top of the line.  I guess I could start removing those pieces ahead of time.

And as I write this the current temperature here in this part of Georgia is 102 degrees (F) as reported by The Weather Channel but my home weather station is saying 100.1.  This is Georgia after all, not Arizona!

ADDITIONAL NOTE: Apparently some people have thought this was a complaint about BMW Motorcycles of Atlanta.  IT IS NOT!  The front brake line on my 10 year old motorcycle has developed a leak.  I went to buy a new one.  They didn’t have it so they ordered it for me.  The 4th of July holiday will add another day to the delivery.  No big deal.  The folk at BMW Motorcycles of Atlanta have been great in any dealings I have had with them.  In the past, I’ve even been told “Before you bring it in why don’t you try this….”  and “this” worked.

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2 thoughts on “There’s 57 In This Country, It Shouldn’t Be A Problem

  1. Marty Blok

    Hey Chris, If you are going to replace your brake line, go with Sprigler stainless steel lines. Your dealer can get them for you and they are much better than the stock rubber hoses


  2. I considered Spieglers. But you have to buy a complete set for all three discs. The price is more than double what BMW wants for the OEM replacement for the long front one I’m replacing. It all comes down to what fits easier in the budget though.


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