Those Really Were Goats On The Roof

We finally got to go for a good ride today!  256 miles worth of good riding across NE Georgia.

From home we headed up through Dawsonville on Georgia HWY 53 and then headed up through Dahlonega.  From there we headed over for lunch at Turner’s Corner Cafe where we dined overlooking the Chestatee River and watched all the motorcycles pull up to the intersection.  After lunch we headed over towards Helen and along the way while on GA HWY 356 rode past Goats On The Roof before we made our turn at Helen.  Now the name of the business might sound odd but there’s a reason for it.  That reason is that they have goats on the roof!  That’s right, up on the roof they have grass and goats walking on the roof.  Sometime we’ll stop and take pictures to prove it.  We headed up towards Hiawassee on GA HWY 17 and it’s twisting curves along the Chattahoochee River where the river looks more like a creek and then along the Hiawassee River.  In Hiawassee we headed back east towards Clayton where about half way there we headed back south on GA HWY 197 and rode the curves along Lake Burton and headed back for Helen.

It was really good to get out for an all day ride and just enjoy being with each other while we were on the Magic Carpet.  We hadn’t really ridden since early June when the front brake line failed on the way home from a trip.  Between waiting for the part, doing the repair and then just temperatures that were just plain HOT we really didn’t ride.  Yes I said hot as in 100 degree temperatures for here in northern Georgia.  Now before someone says “Hey it’s above 100 here in Phoenix all the time!” let me explain that when it was 100 here, the humidity was about 73% or higher as opposed to Phoenix being about 10%.  Believe me they don’t compare.

But most importantly it was good to get out and ride.  I did get reminded of what a great motorcycle the BMW K1200LT is while we were in the curves.  It handles like it’s on rails.  Then on the way home after we got on the highway the trip computer showed 48.1 mpg at the current speed and then only went to 47.7 mpg when we increased to 70 mph.  Not bad for a high performance 4 cylinder motorcycle engine!

Part of our ride around north Georgia.

But along with the good I have my pet peeves.  I’m no speed demon.  I normally ride the speed limit or just above.  On a curvy two lane road, I won’t pass in a no passing zone (when the solid yellow line is on my side) as it’s just not worth the risk.  But when the speed limit is 45 mph and you’re going along between 25 & 30 and pointing things out to each other, use the pull offs that Georgia DOT was kind enough to put there for people like you.  Please use them, especially when you look in your rearview mirror and see several motorcycles and a pick up truck pulling a pontoon boat lined up behind you!  And more importantly, when the road does straighten out for a bit with a passing zone, don’t speed up then to make up time only to slow again at the sign of the next curve.  Do the speed limit or use the pull offs to let that truck by!  And yes, all those dirty looks were for you.  I want to get out and ride, not wonder when you’re going to slow down to a crawl to point out a chicken coop or falling down barn.

Did I say it was good to get out and ride?


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