Listen To Your Wife!

These 2 guys listened to their wives.

That’s right guys listen to your wife.  Last night, Donna looks at her smartphone then looks at me and says “Oh.  Want to go for a motorcycle ride tomorrow?”  Since it was so sudden, and so late, I asked “Why?”  She then explained that earlier in the day she had sent a message to Christine asking if she and her husband, Sean (Sean & Christine are friends of ours) were interested in riding the next day.  So the four of us got on our two motorcycles and went for about a 170 mile trip across north Georgia today.  We headed up towards Chatsworth and went across Fort Mountain to Ellijay where we had lunch at Poole’s BBQ.  Poole’s is the place with all the little pig placards all over the hills surrounding the restaurant.  After lunch we headed towards Amicalola Falls State Park and Dawsonville before heading for home.

Some guys are lucky enough to have wives or girlfriends who not only ride with them but like to ride on the motorcycle with them.  Then there are those of us who are even luckier to have wives that even ask to go for a ride or get together and ask to go for rides.  It would appear that Sean and I are just two of those guys.  I’m not complaining one bit.

The pigs on the hill.

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