In The Blue Knights It Really Is “There are no strangers, only friends you haven’t met.”

A friend of ours, Sean called me last week and told that there was a Blue Knight from England Chapter VIII who was touring the US on his Honda Goldwing with his wife.  Sean and I are also Blue Knights.  The motto of the Blue Knights is “There are no strangers, only friends you haven’t met.”

Doug has recently retired as a police officer in England where he was a canine officer.  He and his wife, Sandra,  had their Honda Goldwing shipped to the United States and are on a 12 week tour of the US.  Their trip actually started in Calgary, Canada before they entered the US and they’re currently in about week 10 of their trip.  On Sunday Doug and Sandra were scheduled to be in Canton, Ga for the night before heading up to Robbinsville, NC on Monday.  While in NC they planned on riding The Tail Of The Dragon, The Cherohala Skyway and visiting Tennessee before heading to the Blue Ridge Parkway where they’d head north, ultimately going back into Canada from New York.

On Sunday night Donna and I along with Sean and his wife Christine met Doug and Sandra at a BBQ restaurant in Canton.  It was like we all knew each other!  We dined, laughed and heard stories about the their amazing trip.  Here’s where being retired is yet another advantage.  Donna and I made plans to ride with Doug and Sandra the next day on their way to Robbinsville.  Why not show another retired police officer who was passing through the area some nice roads to ride?

On Monday we met for breakfast before heading out on the road.  I had a couple of routes in mind to get us up to Blairsville, Ga where we’d say our goodbyes and then send Doug and Sandra  on to Robbinsville.  Doug was kidding when he said he had his Goldwing loaded down!  I made the decision to eliminate the rides with the really crooked and twisty roads.  We spent a great morning riding up Highway 5 from Canton, through Ballground and Nelson before making the turn on Georgia HWY 53 headed towards Dawsonville.  We went through Tate and Marble Hill before making the turn north headed for Georgia HWY 52 which we’d take back out to Highway 515 in Ellijay and then headed for Blairsville.  In Blairsville we chatted some more, said our goodbyes and watched them head up US 129 for North Carolina and the rest of their trip.  Later that afternoon they were already at the Two Wheel Inn and sharing more pictures on Facebook!

There are no strangers, only friends you haven’t met.

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5 thoughts on “In The Blue Knights It Really Is “There are no strangers, only friends you haven’t met.”

  1. Mike Hammel

    so i gotta ask: Did you find out if the handlebars are on the left or right side?


    • Just like here. Clutch & gearshift on left. Brakes & throttle on right. Speedometer is in mph and odometer in miles.


      • Mike Hammel

        just pulling your right hand leg! whawt a great opportunity for you!
        BTW found a 6″x9″ flag that attaches to the antenna. may be too much for it but thought i’d try it.

        gone this weekend and next. maybe we can arrange something for a day in a couple of weeks if it will only stop raining! went up to Ballground and back via 372 and whatever it was and bvack down thru canton. she (the wife) performed admirably-as did the bike.


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  3. Welcome! if you come thru Chicago, give us a heads-up. We have tea w/o bags around it!


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