The New Helmets Are Here! The New Helmets Are Here!

Last week our new helmets arrived.  We ordered 2 GMAX GM54 modular helmets in pearl white from Competition Accessories in Rock Hill, SC.  Since last week, we’ve used the helmets for over 500 miles already and have managed to use them in heat, cool and even rain.  A modular helmet looks like a standard full face helmet but the “chin bar” portion can raise to make it an open face helmet so that you can talk to people while stopped or drink something.  The helmets also have an internal sun shield which was one of our requirements when helmet shopping.  So far we can say that they are excellent helmets but we hope to never need them for their true intended purpose.  We installed our Scala Rider Teamset Pro intercom to the helmets in a matter of minutes.

Chris’ Pros On The Helmet

  • The helmet is noticeably heavier than our old open face helmets.  But take into account that there is more to helmet, that makes sense.  But the helmet does not feel heavier when worn and hasn’t caused any neck soreness.
  • For some reason I can move my head from left to right much easier.
  • With vents open the ventilation is very good but not noisy.
  • The CoolMax liner does just what it’s supposed to do, wick sweat away.
  • I love the internal sun shield!  It great to put it down when needed and retract it when not needed.
  • While the helmet does not seem a lot quieter than the open face helmet with a face shield the noise is different.  It more of wind noise and not a roar.  The old roar could bug my ears sometimes while the quieter wind noise does not.
  • The intercom is much crisper and easier to hear.  That’s probably because the mic is now in the helmet along with the helmet being quieter.
  • You can raise and lower the clear shield easily.
  • You can raise the chin bar easily.
  • The red LED light on the rear is a nice safety feature.
  • Peripheral and up & down vision is very good.
  • The entire internal padding system is removable for washing.
  • The pins and latch for the flip-up chin bar are metal.
  • The vents are easy to open and close.

Chris’ Cons On The Helmet

  • Sometimes it can be difficult to lower and lock the chin bar.  But that could be me getting used to it.
  • Both times while riding in the rain I got a solitude streak of water on the inside of the face shield when it was closed.  It wasn’t constant, it just went down once and didn’t return.
  • When the vents are open I get a whistle when turning my head extremely left or right as if looking over my shoulder.  It does not whistle with the vents closed and the windshield position can affect the whistle.  Donna does not get the whistle.
  • After 5 or 6 hours of wearing it I get a “hot spot” on the top of my head.  I can alleviate it though by moving the helmet slightly forward or back on my head or even raising the chin bar for a few minutes (yes I know, I shouldn’t do that).

Donna’s comments are below the video.  In the video the LED light appears to flash in the steady “on” mode.  This is not the case when looking at it with your eyes.

Donna’s Pros On The Helmet

  • Donna’s positive comments are nearly identical to mine so there’s no use in repeating them.
  • Donna says the helmet is quieter than the old open face helmet with a face shield.

Donna’s Cons On The Helmet

  • Donna gets the same trickle of water if it’s raining.
  • Donna says she can have difficulty opening the chin bar along with opening and closing the vents.  She does though attribute it to learning how to use the helmet and says it’s getting easier.

Remember, we are wearing these helmets on a motorcycle with a full, frame mounted fairing and an adjustable windshield.

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