A Great Autumn Day To Ride With New Friends

A while back I met a local member of BMWLT.COM who had a repair need and was asking questions on the forum.  When we met we did what most motorcyclists do and talked of getting together for a ride sometime.

Today was that day.  Donna and I met Mike and Carol and we headed up to northern Georgia for a short ride.  The weather and the company was great.  We had a cloudless blue sky and temperatures just above 60 degrees.  Mother Nature is also in the middle of putting on her annual show of the changing leaves.  There was a collage of red, gold, yellow and brown in the trees along the road and in the mountains in the distance.  To break up the ride a bit, we stopped for lunch at the Dawsonville Pool Room before heading back for home.  Out in the parking lot there was a bloodhound in the back of parked pick up truck and he howled every time a Harley Davidson started up!

The only negative to the day was a GPS issue.  I mapped out a couple of routes using Garmin’s BaseCamp and sent them to the GPS.  When we left, I got the normal on-screen message of “Would you like to navigate to the start of this route?” and punched “Yes”.  Of course the GPS wanted us to use the highway but I wanted to go a different way to the beginning of the route.  Of course the GPS kept “recalculating” because it wanted us to go a different way.  But then, even when we were on the route, it started trying to re-route us!  It appeared that it kept wanting us to go back to the start of the route.  This is now the second time I’ve had this problem using BaseCamp and have never had this happen when creating routes with MapSource.  One thing I’ve noticed is that when you click on an intersection with BaseCamp is that it usually selects a business at the intersection and not the intersection like MapSource does.  I tried using BaseCamp but it looks like I’m going back to MapSource.

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