The Longest Oil Change Ever

Toady was oil change day for the Magic Carpet.  It’s normally a pretty easy thing to do.  But today was supposed to take longer because every other oil change I also do the final drive oil and the transmission oil.  The final drive really isn’t that hard to either, it can just get messy if you’re not careful.  For the final drive oil I had use one of my homemade tools to make the job easier!  It’s the transmission oil that adds all the time.  Plus since warm oil usually drains better, after doing the motor and final drive oil you need to take the bike for a quick ride to re-warm the transmission oil (or at least I do).  To change the transmission oil you have to remove the skid plate, some bodywork, the driver’s right foot peg mount (the oil fill plug is behind it), and some funny looking exhaust bracket that blocks the oil drain plug.  It’s like a puzzle taking it apart and putting it back together.  But all the oils are changed and we’re good for another 6,000 miles on the motor oil and 12,000 miles on the final drive and transmission.

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