Do You Name Your Motorcycle?

It wasn’t until we bought the BMW that I heard of the concept of naming your motorcycle.  You know, like naming a boat.  Not all BMW riders do it but they seem to do it more than riders of other brands.  I had seen a post on a BMW forum where someone had asked “How do you come up with your bike’s name?”  The general consensus was that it will come to you.  I think that if you have to think about it, it’s the wrong name.

For example, here’s how our BMW K12ooLT got its name:
Not long after we got it, we were headed up the road one morning to meet some friends for a ride.  We were headed up the road and I had the radio on when the song that came on the radio was Steppenwolf’s “Magic Carpet Ride”.  My head and shoulders were moving with the music.  Then almost simultaneously we said to each other something like “That’s it!  That’s what we’ll call the motorcycle, The Magic Carpet.”  It just seemed right as it takes us on journeys that are sometimes magical.

Sometimes the name is something as simple as “The Bike” too.  A friend of our recently bought a new Victory Cross Country Tour.  It’s a really nice motorcycle and it’s big.  But the horn sounds like a little “meep meep” horn.  I said it sounded like the Roadrunner from the cartoon.  Because of that one comment, he’s started calling his new Victory “The Roadrunner”!

Sometimes a name just jumps out and grabs you.

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One thought on “Do You Name Your Motorcycle?

  1. I like the name magic carpet. It seems to fit with such a grand touring bike.

    I have three bikes, all of which have a name. My 2006 Harley-Davidson Road King is called ‘The Leading Ladies’ after the portraits of 40’s and 50’s actresses painted on it. You can see pictures of it here…

    My red custom bike is called ‘Tradewinds’ – it is a name that goes back a long way in our households.

    My latest custom bike is called Amelia, named after my late mother.

    Most of my friends name their bikes too. I even have one that given his (seven) bikes names of Shakespeare plays! I think just about every woman I know who rides has given theirs a name as well.

    Keep up the good work on your blog.



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