70,000 Miles And A Great Ride With Friends

The Magic Carpet reached a minor milestone today.  While in Dahlonega, GA and returning home from a ride with friends the Magic Carpet’s odometer reached and passed 70,000 miles.  No, I didn’t ride 70,000 with friends today!

My Blue Knights Chapter held a “Hooky Ride” today and 5 of us met and rode some crooked north Georgia roads and then stopped in at the Batesville General Store for lunch before heading home.  A “Hooky Ride” is a weekday ride where you take the day off or are already off from work.  Well almost everybody as two of us today were retirees.  We did run into an issue on Georgia HWY 17 though.  Just as we were ascending the mountain and the road was getting twisty we found that a truck or a motor home had leaked a nice trail of diesel fuel all the way up the mountain in the curves.  This was not fun as diesel fuel is basically oil, doesn’t evaporate quickly like gasoline and is very slippery.  Luckily none of slipped and went down.  It was a great day to get out and ride 200 miles with some friends and then watch the odometer roll over to 70000!


The Magic Carpet came home with 70,072 miles on the odometer today.

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3 thoughts on “70,000 Miles And A Great Ride With Friends

  1. Gonna put 70,000 more on her?


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