Santa Says “Can You See Me Now?”

Can you see me now?

Can you see me now?

Well Christmas Day has come and gone.  Santa even dropped off a few motorcycling items for me this Christmas.  That’s right, like any motorcyclist I like getting riding gear or gadgets for a gift.  One of the riding items was a Fly Racing Fast Pass mesh vest in hi-vis yellow.  It’s a close-knit mesh but does let air flow through.  There’s a zip chest pocket along with two removable pockets on the front.  The back has a pocket large enough to stuff the vest into.  Along with the bright color are silver reflective strips on the front and back.  I took the photo on the left using the camera’s flash and the center strips reflected light back for a “hot spot” in the picture.

The other Christmas item in the picture is a pair of Sliders Kevlar Cargo Motorcycle Pants.  The pants are thick cotton (like jeans) on the outside and are lined with Kevlar on the inside in areas such as the butt, knees and thighs.  The knees also have pockets for optional knee armor.  I was lucky and the armor from another pair of riding pants fits perfectly in the knees.  Now I can have the casual look when I get off the motorcycle!

Another gift that can possibly be considered motorcycle related is a Leatherman Wingman pocket tool.  It’s 14 tools in one!  Of course there’s a knife along with screw drivers, pliers and the all important bottle opener.  This is to replace my rather large Swiss Army knife that had pliers in it.  That Swiss Army knife was just way too large to carry in a pants pocket.  The Leatherman however is flatter, fits in a pocket as well as clips to a pocket.  I also found out on Christmas that the blade is quite sharp!  I had used it to cut packing tape off a present for our 3 1/2-year-old granddaughter.  While I was closing the knife, she threw the box over her shoulder (after removing the present of course), hitting my hand just enough to pinch my thumb with the serrated part of the blade.  OUCH!  Come on, what’s Christmas without someone going to the emergency room?  Donna later took me over our insurer’s urgent care where they glued the but back together.  In the old days it would’ve taken a few stitches.  Every time I said I cut my thumb when asked, the receptionist, the nurses or the doctor asked “Were you carving the turkey?”  I had a better story.

Even with the trip to urgent care it was a great Christmas.  Now I want to go out and try out the vest and pants.  I’ve already tried the knife!  What did Santa bring you?

What's a Christmas without a trip to the ER?

What’s a Christmas without a trip to the ER?

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