Some January “Throttle Therapy”

Today’s temperature hovered around 70 degrees here in north Georgia which is pretty unusual. You see, contrary to popular belief, we do have winter here and in the area we rode in today, snow is not unusual.

I missed out on a ride yesterday with my Blue Knights Chapter but Donna and I made up for it today.  It was cloudy and overcast but quite a pleasant day.  Temperatures were in the upper 60’s when we left very late in the morning and even peaked at 72 on the way home.  We had no particular route planned, but figured we’d head up to Turner’s Corner Café for lunch and then go from there.  But even our lunch destination wasn’t set in stone as it was just us riding today.  We headed on up through Dawsonville and Dahlonega, passing Rider’s Hill along the way.  Rider’s Hill looked to have a parking lot full of motorcycles today.  After passing Rider’s Hill a large group of sport bikes came towards us and they looked pretty good, riding in a very tight, staggered formation.  We did stop at Turner’s Corner Café for a nice leisurely lunch.  From our table inside we could see the stop sign for Georgia HWY 9 and US Highway 129.  We watched solo riders and groups of motorcycles pull up and make the left turn heading up Blood Mountain.  One group was a trio of women, all on BMW motorcycles; two R1200GS models and an R1200R Roadster.  I noticed the motorcycles and then that they were all women!  If you continue on US 129 from there on into North Carolina, the highway eventually becomes the infamous “Tail Of The Dragon”.  After lunch we headed down to Cleveland to Dahlonenga and from Dahlonega headed for home the same way we had come up.  In winter you can see a lot of things along the road that aren’t visible the rest of the year, being covered by kudzu or other foliage.  I made a note to myself to come along this route again soon to take some pictures of those roadside anomalies.  It was really good to get out for some “throttle therapy” and exercise both us and the Magic Carpet.

I also got to use 2 of my Christmas presents on today’s ride too!

One was my pair of Sliders Kevlar Cargo Motorcycle Pants.  The pants are khaki colored cargo pants, looking pretty much like any pair of pants.  But, underneath in certain areas they are lined with Kevlar for abrasion resistance and have CE approved armor in the knees.  Donna said they looked pretty good, not looking like my bulky Tourmaster pants or other pants I’ve looked at.  I’ve got to say that were very comfortable both on and off the bike too.  The armor did seem to move to the inside of my knees when riding though.  These would not be pants you’d want to wear in the rain though unless you had rain gear to put over them.  For rain or just outright stopping wind though, the Tourmaster’s or something similar is still the way to go though.

The other item was my ETYMOYIC earplugs.  I’ve been debating on earplugs for quite some time now, especially to help out with some of the wind noise around my helmet.  When we switched to the new helmets, they helped dramatically with the noise but wind around the helmet was still there, even behind a fairing and a windshield.  They work great!  Just as they advertised, they reduced the noise but because of there design, still allowed for normal conversation and intercom use.  I did raise the volume on the Scala Rider Teamset Pro to hear Donna better (as expected).  Wind noise was still there, but muffled and not as bothersome when at highway speeds.  I found that I heard more of the K1200LT’s engine along with environmental sounds around me.  I didn’t think that they could make that much of a difference.

Until next time, Ride Safe!

Lunch at Turner’s Corner Café. Notice the “Bikers Welcome” sign on the post?

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2 thoughts on “Some January “Throttle Therapy”

  1. I do hope the weather gets better soon. We have a serious case of PMS going on here. (Parked Motorcycle Syndrome). Glad to see you two have been able to get out and ride though.


    • Gary,
      It’s been colder and wetter than normal for us it seems and this weekend we’re even expecting light snow.


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