Were Those Snowflakes?

Today was my monthly Blue Knights lunch and meeting.  This month it was held at Poole’s Real Pit BBQ in Ellijay, Georgia.  Our Chapter Officers hatched an idea to have 2 different groups ride to Jasper, GA where we met and then ride on up to the restaurant in Ellijay.  The forecast was decidedly chilly, being in the mid 30’s for the ride up.  Three of us rode up from Woodstock to Jasper where we met eight more motorcycles and members.  We met a few members at the restaurant who went ahead and rode up in their cars.  The plan was that after the meeting our Vice President would lead a ride across Fort Mountain from Ellijay to Chatsworth and then on south towards most of our homes.  We thought we had a total of three members who decided to go on the ride and then it dwindled down to just two of us.  As we were preparing to leave, I asked “Were those snowflakes?”  Sure enough they were.  A slight chance of snow flurries was in the forecast had come true.  Sean and I headed across the mountain where the temperature did drop to 31 degrees for a while as we rode through more snow flurries.  Nothing stuck to the ground, the motorcycles or us and the road never got wet.  It was fun seeing the snow while riding though and Sean and I had fun, both making it back home by mid afternoon.

One thing I tried out on this ride was using my Window Phone with the Scala Rider Teamset Pro.  I previously had an older Windows Mobile phone that I used easily with it to make and receive short calls by voice.  But my Windows Phone 7.5 has the ability to read me text messages via Bluetooth and even let me reply.  So, I sent Donna a text message before we left.  She replied and when the intercom gave me the choice to “ignore or read” I said “read” and it read me the message.  I then said the “reply” option and spoke my reply and told it to send it.  I’m not sure if I’d use this a lot but it’s nice to know that I can when I don’t have the Scala Rider paired with the GPS.

The video below is of members leaving the restaurant after our meeting.

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