Our 2002 BMW K1200LTE

When out on the road and even here on the blog we’ve been asked “Is that the “new” BMW?”  We’d get asked this especially shortly before and after the release of BMW’s K1600 GT & GTL motorcycles.  Our motorcycle is a 2002 BMW K1200LTE.  That’s right, with the 2013 model year motorcycles being announced and even released that makes our motorcycle 11 model years old!  The LT stands for “Luxury Touring” and the E is for the specific trim package of “Elite”.  At the time BMW had different trim levels with options for the motorcycle, each adding a few more features.  There was LT (Icon), LTC (Custom) and LTE (Elite).

I decided to offer a walk around of the things that were original on this motorcycle as it was delivered.  Keep in mind that this is an eleven year old motorcycle.  Some of the standard items are offered by other makes as an extra option, just as car makers do and some are just not available or are just now becoming available, like the power windshield.  I did miss in the video that the trip computer is also controlled by a button on the on the right handlebar, the motorcycle originally had a 6 disc CD changer in the right side case (which I removed to get more room), I removed the CB radio in the “glove compartment” as it never really worked and wouldn’t anyway with our Bluetooth Scala Rider intercom and we have replaced the original GPS with a new one (how many cars came with GPS in 2002?).  Oh, and not only did the intercom have the ability to use FM/FRS radio instead of CB, it also had an input for a cell phone cable and an external audio device (the manual specifically reads “such as a Sony DiscMan.”).

So here is our 2002 BMW K1200LTE, The Magic Carpet.

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